Car:  1968 Plymouth Formula “ S”  Barracuda named  “HEMI-S”

Car Owner: Byron Spade.  Columbus, Ohio

Engine:  Gen III 6.1 L Hemi. Magnuson Super Charger.

Exhaust:  2.5” Stainless with 4 Flow Master HP

Wiring: Ron Francis

Air Condition: Vintage Air

Trans:  Tremec 6 Speed.

Chassis:  Art Morrison Sport Frame.

• Suspension:  Ride Teck Pro Ride.

Wheels:  18x8 20x10 Billet Specialties.  

  • Faklin Tires 

Brakes:  Wilwood.

Interior:  Recovery Room.  Plattsmouth, NE. 

 • Gauges: Custom Classic Instruments.

• Paint:  Axalta.  Tungsten Gray 2 tone.

• Body Mods:  Redesigned Front Clip with front spoiler.  Flared fender well openings.   Tuck fit bumpers custom bumpers.  Rear spoiler.  Custom hood. Rear Spoiler 

Extras:  Rear window” The Aquarium “has the Barracuda logo as a fade out (See image below).  
Fun Fact: In 1968, Garret Kitchen wins the Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest in his High School Auto Mechanics Class.  Ironically The trophy is of a 1968 Formula S Barracuda, only to one day build this very car